Rhinoplasty After Restylane?

My doctor had injected restylane in my nasal bridge for the very first time 2 years ago. I came back to him a year ago to follow up with the results. He had told me that the restylane is still there and that I didn't need any more injected. I told him to inject a little bit more for some final touch ups. It has been one year since my last injection of restylane and 2 years since my very first. Would it be safe to undergo rhinoplasty now? If not, how long would you suggest I wait?

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Rhinoplasty After Restylane

I see more and more patients who have had Restylane before and after rhinoplasty and it is entirely fine to do a rhinoplasty within 2-3 months within having Restylane injections. This is the optimal hyaluronic acid filler to use in the nose as it is resorbable and safe in the subcutaneous layers of the nose.

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Rhinoplasty after Restylane

It is ok to undergo a rhinoplasty since it has been a year.  You could also have your surgeon inject Vitrase prior to surgery to ensure it is all gone prior to undergoing a rhinoplasty

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Restylane in the Nose and Rhinoplasty

  Some of the restylane may still be present, and I guess you could wait another 2 years.  I would be inclined to operate to on you, but I do not have a good feel for the amount injected and how it looked before and after.  This would be helpful information to have.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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