Rhinoplasty with 65 Years Old Surgeon?

My friend advice me good , expiriance , board certificated surgeon in my area , I am just not sure because he is 64 years old- is it plus (experisnce) or minus?

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Age is not important, expertise is key

The age of the surgeon is not important, just be sure that they have expertise and this type of surgery.

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Rhinoplasty with 65 year old surgeon?

Wow, I thought 60 was the new 40?  Rhinoplasty, like all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures will vary from surgeon to surgeon and during your consultation you should be looking to answer 3 basic questions:

  1. Does the surgeon have the correct aesthetic judgement.  In other words can he/she explain to me how to make my nose, cheeks, lips, breasts etc. more attractive?
  2. Does the surgeon have the proper experience doing that particular procedure, in this case Rhinoplasty?  It's fine he's 65, better that he has performed thousands of Rhinoplasty surgeries.
  3. Do I feel a connection such that this surgeon understands what i'm looking to achieve with this surgery?

If yes, to all 3, you should do fine no matter your surgeons age.  if not, have more consultations for your Rhinoplasty.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Age is important, depending on the surgeon

As you read in most of the previous comments, 64 is just a number, the most important is the reaction you get after meeting the surgeon and the results he/she can obtain, remember many surgeons get better with time and many surgeons get worse with time. The same can be said for time in practice, you can get better with practice, however doing something wrong multiple times, does not make it better.You can get a perfectly aged wine or you can get sour vinager.

Victor M. Perez, MD, FACS
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Age of Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Experience is one of the qualities you should search for in a Surgeon and age alone should never be used as a reason to preclude a Surgeon.  Generally speaking, a 64 year old Surgeon should have experience in spades.  I would also seek out word of mouth, testimonials from prior patients, and analysis of the Surgeons' work (which should be copious at age 64) prior to making your decision. 

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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Age should not affect your rhinoplasty results

It is very likely that the surgeon you were referred to has been doing rhinoplasty for quite a long time.  This can be a major plus to you.  I would recommend reviewing before and after photos of his to see if you like his work.  There are excellent surgeons in their seventies and excellent surgeons in their thirties.  What matters most is the skill the possess.  Warmest regards.

Dr. Pippin

Gregory Pippin, MD
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Its not the age that matter

It is good that you searched your plastic surgeon very well. but, it is not age that matter; experience, results, testimonials from his patients and how you felt about the whole consultation.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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There are good and bad surgeons at all different ages. I know surgeons in their 70's that are great.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Experience is a plus but I would caution you that age does not necessarily equal experience.

Jay M. Pensler, MD
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Rhinoplasty experience

There is definite truth to the fact that the more rhinoplasty procedures that the surgeon performs the greater is his/her experience. It takes in my opinion a rhinoplasty surgeon at least five years in practice and at least 500 rhinoplasty procedures before they achieve some level of expertise. Someone who has been in practice longer and has done many of those procedures has encountered pretty much every type of variant and should be very good by that time.

Scott Trimas, MD
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