I Got a Rhinoplasty 16 Months Ago and my Tip is Still Rock Hard and Appears to Be Swollen, is This Normal?

Most surgeons online say it should last up to a year and its almost been a year and a half so I'm starting to worry. The tip is very hard and droops a little and the tip still looks flat and not to a point. Is this bad...

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Tip Appears to be Swollen after Rhinoplasty

Most likely you have a lot of scar tissue. One of the methods to reduce this is to inject it with Kenalog.

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Possible Revision Rhinoplasty 16 Months Post-Op

Dear Bschaef2,


At 16 months you should have minimal to no swelling. The stiffness of your nose tip could be assessed by a physical examination after knowing the details of your surgery.


Nonetheless, I encourage you to seek consultation with several plastic surgeons as you may be very well safe to undergo a revision by now if decided.


Rhinoplasty revision is very delicate and board certified surgeons with extensive experience in that field are the best to provide commendable results to the patients.


Thank you for your question and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian



Ali Sajjadian, MD, FACS
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Rhinoplasty concerns


After 14 months, there will be little change if any.  If you are unhappy, talk to your plastic surgeon about a touch up or revision.  If you feel that he/she can't help you, or doesn't agree with you, it might be best to get a second and third opinion.


Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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Rhinoplasty results at one year

By this time, I would say that you should have a frank discussion with your surgeon,  explaining your concerns. If this doesn't work out (most surgeons do their best to help a twin the best possible results,vand are anxious to work ith you towards that end), then you should probably see a surgeon experienced in revisional rhinoplasty.



Verne Weisberg, MD
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Rhinoplasty swelling after 14 months is not swelling.

Your nose is the way it will be now. It is not swelling. If you are not happy see an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon or your original surgeon.

Toby Mayer, MD
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I Got a Rhinoplasty 16 Months Ago and my Tip is Still Rock Hard and Appears to Be Swollen, is This Normal?

 No, most likely the nose is fully healed and what you see is the final Rhinoplasty result.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Rhinoplasty 16 Months -Tip is Still Rock Hard

I am sorry to say but this is the result you got.It may not change much any more.Perhaps you seek help of some other surgeon.Your own surgeon can inject Kenalog to soften the hardness and may also reduce the size of the tip but its up to his discretion.

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