Rhinoplasty 11 months post-op and my smile is damaged. What should I do? (photos)

I underwent rhinoplasty surgery 11 months ago and my smile has not been the same since. Currently, my upper lip covers about 50% of my teeth than it once did. I need to strain to smile similarly. I used to love my smile but now I dislike taking pictures. Please help what do I do? Also I have scar tissue that appears when I laugh and smile on the side of my nose.

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Change in smile after rhinoplasty

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There is a possibility that the rhinoplasty altered your smile – although this is unusual. It would be helpful to know if your doctor removed any of the bone at the base of the nose (nasal spine) and if he dissected or divided some of the muscles of the upper lip during the surgery. Your smile may continue to improve over time without any treatment. I suggest you confer with your original plastic surgeon or another surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty. Best wishes.

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