I Just Had Rhinoplasty Done. I Am About 10 Days Post-op and Wanted to Get a Back Massage on a Massage Table?

The massage table has a opening for the face. I would be laying face down for about 45 min. Would this be ok to do?

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Massage after a rhinoplasty, post op massage

That's actually a very good and very practical question!  A couple of things are important to take into  consideration.  Because you are only 10 days post surgery the nose will still be very delicate and a at a higher risk for injury.  I think if you are very careful and make sure you don't actually lean on or torque your nose it should be safe.  However it is important to keep in mind that if you are facedown  the nose may become swollen for an unpredictable amount of time afterwards.  It is difficult to say exactly how swollen that it would be, if at all, or for how long.   I would just keep in mind that when the head is not elevated the soft tissue envelope of the nose will be more prone to swelling.  If you exert caution to protect the nose and you are willing to accept the fact you may have swelling afterwards it should be okay.

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I Just Had Rhinoplasty Done. I Am About 10 Days Postop and Wanted to Get a Back Massage on a Massage Table?

      You are still early in recovery, and you will have to use common sense and avoid putting pressure on the nose or increasing pressure to the nose.




Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Massage after a rhinoplasty may but too much pressure on the nose

You do not want to place undo pressure on your nose after a rhinoplasty.  If the massage can be done with out any pressure on your nose then you may be okay.  If this is not a therapeutic massage I would hold off for another 2 weeks.  

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Not a good idea

The bones are still soft and could be displaced into a sub-optimal position. Also, the venous pressure increase could cause a nose bleed which can be a nightmare after a rhinoplasty. 

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Massage table after 10 day of nose job.

Thanks for an interesting question. Yes you can do the massage on your back with face turned to one side. with you happy time.

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