Possible to Get Refined Nose After Two Rhinoplasties?

I am south asian women. After 2 rhinoplastie by a European surgeon, my nose is bulky and broad.I want sharp tip, more elevation, removal of hump and symmetry. Why I got this V-ship ? Which US doctor specializes in ethnic revisions-Dr. Hilinski, Dr. Menick, Dr.Hopping, Dr.Fleming,  Dr.Daniel, Dr. Cochran?

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Refining the nose

The likely reason why your nose lacks definition is that you lack enough structural support – cartilage grafting is likely needed to give your nose more definition

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Nose can be refined after prior rhinoplasty surgeries

It appears that you have an inverted V-shaped deformity of the disjunction between the nasal bones and the cartilaginous component of the nose. Your tip could certainly be feminized and refined. Osteotomies would be performed to narrow the bridge and some small spreader grafts probably placed in the mid third of the nose where it is pinched. Tip surgery would include de-bulking the cartilage and thick skin in that area along with a dome-binding suture. Look for a rhinoplasty surgeon who has performed thousands of rhinoplasties prior to embarking on this type of surgery.

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Refined Nose after Two Rhinoplasty Operations

 Your nose can be improved and refined. There are several problems including thick skin and short nasal bones. Grafts using your own cartilaage will provide support and definition. The most important  decision you will make is selecting an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Inverted V deformity

An inverted V deformity can develop when the mid vault collapses.  This can be corrected with grafts. Certainly the tip can be more refined as well. 

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