Best Way to Evaluate Crooked Nose?

4 years ago I got a headbutt from a drunk person leaving me with a crooked nose. I had surgery to fix this( doctor,no specialist regarding plastic surgery). It changed my nose quite a bit (still somewhat crooked,with small hump). Im thinking of saving up money to get fix it once and for all but having doubts. Im not sure how I 'look' exactly. Mirror view looks fine but e.g. using webcam you can really see it's quite crooked. What is the most objective way to view yourself? Video?

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Evaluation of a crooked nose

The best way to evaluate the nose is through standardized photos, which are composed of each side profile, each three-quarter profile, a frontal profile, the basal view or up the nostril view, and a side lateral profile smiling view. These are standardized pictures in the plastic surgery industry prior to undergoing a nose job. Regarding asymmetries, osteotomies are performed to straighten the nasal bony pyramid. Spreader grafts are used to bolster and augment the mid-third of the nose that is crooked and concaved. They are also done for medical necessity if the cartilage in the mid-third of the nose is herniated into the airway causing valve collapse or vestibular stenosis. Computer imaging can also be performed prior to the surgery as a good communication tool between the patient and the surgeon.  

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Method to Evaluate Crooked Nose

Hi LGbee,

Each individual is their own best method to evaluate their own crooked nose. If the appearance of the nose does not bother you and you have no nasal breathing difficulty, then nothing more is required. Everyone has facial or nasal asymmetry. Asymmetry in nature is more common than perfect symmetry, and considered essentially normal.

To improve a crooked nose, then the best method to evaluate a nose is to see a rhinoplasty specialist. Deviated septum is commonly associated with a twisted or crooked nose. The rhinoplasty surgeon will examine the inside and outside of your nose and help determine appropriate options for you to improve the appearance and nasal breathing. Further testing with CT scan of the nose and sinuses may be required. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

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Best Way to Evaluate a Crooked Nose

The best way to evaluate a crooked nose is to see an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who will take multiple pictures that consistently show nasal contours and proportions.

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Use a mirror to evaluate crooked nose

You can see the crooked nose by simply staring at your reflection in the mirror. A front view , a base view (from underneath) , and a side view (with the head in neutral position) will suffice for a web consult. Best taken w/ a standard digital camera, although i-phones are capable of good photos now.  The more important factor is your surgeons experience in correcting this challenging problem. Usually, osteotomies and cartilage grafts are required to correct this problem. Dr. G

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Evaluate Crooked Nose

There are 3-d imaging systems in SOME doctors offices. But remember there is no guarantee that the 3-D image is how you will appear after healing from the operation. You have to believe the surgeon will preform the operation to help correct the issues. Best of luck from MIAMI 

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Photo evaluation of a crooked nose

You are correct, your web cam photo does not show your nose well. Facial plastic surgeons generally take 6 photographic views of the nose. right and left profile, frontal face, 3/4 view and view from  the bottom or base view. Another nice view of the crooked nose is a view from above.

Your best bet is to have these photos performed by an experienced physician who can evaluate your nose and counsel you about surgical options. In addition, some physicians have imaging software which can be used to morph the image and give you an idea of how your nose may look after surgery.

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Evaluating a crooked nose

The best way to evaluate a crooked nose is to have an evaluation by a rhinoplaty specialist.  This is the best way.

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Rhinoplasty photos

Webcams, cell phone cameras and the like tend to produce garish photos and often suffer from a lot of wide-angle distortion, barrel distortion, blown highlights, and blocked-up shadows. They're definitely NOT the best way to evaluate a nose since they tend to overemphasize some features while under-emphasizing others.

When I see patients considering rhinoplasty, we'll get photos that same day (we have a good studio lighting setup for this). The photos allow both the patient and me to critically evaluate the imperfections of patient's nasal shape. Properly done, photos will capture even the most minute features. We also use the photos to do computer imaging (a.k.a., "morphing") so that the patient and I can make sure we're on the same page aesthetically.

All the best,


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The best way to evaluate a cooked nose.

The best way to evaluate a crooked nose is to see an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. He will have the knowledge to tell you what you need to know.

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Evaluating Crooked Nose

Another fantastic tool to use on top of any 2D photographs you may have, is to seek out a surgeon who has 3D technology available at their clinic. The device will take a 3D image of your face and you would be able to view it from all angles and see where you perceive the problem area (s) to be. With the surgeon, you then would look at potential changes you could make to get your ideal look, or your pre-accident nose back as close as possible. I have a 3D system called a Vectra 3D imaging system that I use for my patients. If you go to the website of Canfield Imaging Systems (the company that makes this imaging system), they have a list on their site as to surgeons in your area who have this technology  that you could potentially schedule a consult with.

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