Rhinopl: Can U Be to Late with Injections (Steroid,kentalog,cortisol Etc) Could They Still Be Usefull After 18-26 Months Post?

1 yr post, total rhino/septum surgery, no grafts,thick skin,tip work. Osteotomies. Difference morning vs evening appereance. Fluid/edema on finger when I stroke external nose skin. Scar tissue might causing 1-2 tip dents/uneveness. Recent doc consult: no sign of infection, but little bacterie around scartissue. Advice: Bactroban. I prefer 2 wait for as long as possible (1 yr or longer ) & let nature repair, before I take or consider injections/revision. Is it ok for me to wait another 9-15 months?

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Use of Steroid Injections after Rhinoplasty

The effectiveness of steroids after rhinoplasty is while scar tissue is actively forming or is maturing. They are less effective at one to two years after surgery, although it is possible there may still be dome effect even years later. 

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Rhinoplasty can be a long healing process

A general rule of rhinoplasty is that it is always better to wait.  Your body's healing process can take upwards of 1-2 years.  There is no harm in waiting to perform injections, revision procedures.  Your body may heal itself more and that would allow less work should a revision need to be done  If you are still having some numbness then that is also a sign that you still have edema and swelling.

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