Hit in the Nose 1 Week After Rhinoplasty, Will I Have a Permanent Bump?

my daughter just hit bridgr of my nose with plastic stick quite hard. am worried will give me a permanant bump.

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Hit in the Nose with a Stick 1 Week after Rhinoplasty

Hopefully the bump is due to temporary swelling and you've done no permanent harm. Time will tell, but in the interim contact your surgeon.

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Trauma to Nose One Week after Rhinoplasty

Hi, I am sorry.

Usually very significant trauma can cause swelling over the bone of dorsum and deposition of a new bone.

Please wait as time will tell if this would happen.

Apply ice and if there is bleeding see a physician. Call your plastic surgeon and see him.

Obviously this is a simplified answer and will vary from case to case. Your nose needs to be evaluated.

Hope this was helpful.

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