Does He Need Rhino Plasty Surgery? (photo)

Our son is 22 years old and he is very concerned about the appearance of his nose. He thinks by a Rhinoplasty, his appearance will significantly improve. We would be very obliged if someone could sincerely study his case and give us your expert opinion. If any of the above corrections are required, we would like to know how much it will enhance his looks. We also want to know the risk factor involved with the surgical procedures for correcting the above.

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No one "needs" a rhinoplasty.

Cosmetic surgery is never a requirement.  Aesthetic surgery exists for the sole purpose of making people feel better about themselves.  Surgery can change the young man's nose but it his expectations, rather than the plastic surgeon's, that matter.

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Does your son actually NEED a Rhinoplasty?

Need and want should never be confused when considering elective surgery.

No one actually needs a rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes alone. Some patients need a rhinoplasty in order to restore functional breathing. Others need it to repair issues related to previous surgery or past trauma. With regards to the question of want, there are several questions to consider that are specifically related to your concern of risk and cost.

  1. Is the physical issue creating problems with self esteem that may be socially or psychologically harmful to the patient?
  2. Is the issue at hand perceivable by others?
  3. Is the issue at hand correctable by routine surgical techniques?
  4. Is the patient medically healthy to have the anesthesia?
  5. Is the patient emotionally prepared for the healing, which may take up to 1 year?

Those are the most pertinant questions in my mind. Other issues can arise if the surgery is very complicated or if the desired change is too subtle. This does not seem to be the case here.


From the photo submitted, your son may have a mild nostril width issue and perhaps a small bump in his nasal bones. Everything else looks ok to me, but that opinion could change after an examination, given the limited photographs submitted. If these physical issues are causing him serious psychosocial problems, you may want to consider that question prior to entertaining surgery. He should not be severely restricted by this and he should be able to socialize easily with these physical concerns.


If those areas mentioned are in fact the concerns, the surgical correction would be relatively simple and predictable. Cost should not be excessive and, assuming his health is OK, risks are very limited. Most risks would relate to the anesthesia required. Other risks would be of a post operative nose bleed or scar formation due to the nostril reduction.

I hope this gives you some direction in considering your situation.


All the best

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Does he think he needs a rhinoplasty?

The real question is whether he thinks he needs surgery.The best thing to do is to see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and let your son discuss it with him or her.  There may be minor things that cxan be done to help him without undergoing surgery or he may have a real deformity that bothers him and is really correctable.  Good luck on whatever he decides.

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Rhinoplasty Concerns

    The specific concerns of the patient should be articulated as clearly and precisely as possible with a board certified plastic surgeon after an exam.  There are no changes that need to be made, unless the patient has breathing issues as well.  Addressing the cosmetic issues may improve a person's appearance, depending upon what is desired.

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Beware of excessive concern about appearance of nose.


He is quite good looking.  I would try to get to the bottom of why he is so worried about his nose. Might consider psychological evaluation.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Rhinoplasty surgery risks and benefits

Dear xploitz,

  • Although no one needs a rhinoplasty, the surgery is still performed to help make the appearance better, which can raise self esteem
  • The benefits are that you can get close to the nose shape that you want
  • The risks include cosmetic irregularities, bleeding, infection, occasional trouble breathing through the nose, and the presence of a small scar, thankfully all are pretty rare

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Candidacy for Rhinoplasty Surgery

It would be helpful to get more views of your son's nose, including several full face photographs so that his nose can be better evaluated in context of the whole face. Looking at the photo provided, it does appear that he has a relatively wide nasal base that might benefit from reshaping (to start). Feel free to send me additional photos for review. 

John M. Hilinski, MD
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Perception of bad nose

A nose is a very personal issue for most patients. The nose can be quite normal but the mild disproportions can be distressing to some.

Your son has mentioned very specific concerns and all 3 of those make sense. Surgically these can be corrected. However, the most important thing to discuss with him is if there are any other issues that might be keeping him from feeling confident and self secure. This is important to look into as a general lack of confidence will not be corrected by a rhinoplasty.


Dr. J

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Rhinoplasty is a very personal thing and it really depends upon what he wants if anything.  It is best for him to discuss his concerns with a plastic surgeon.

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Need for Rhinoplasty?

Please find a Plastic Surgeon in your area who is experienced in performing rhinoplasties. Your son could then address his specific concerns face to face with the surgeon. In this forum we can certainly point out things about your son's nose. But, what really matters are the specific aspects of the nose that bothers your son. Hope this helps!
Thanks for your question and photo!

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