Rhino Plasty for External Shape and Scarting Damage After Internal Repair Covered by Insurance?

I am of east Indian decent and my nose has suffered trauma repeatedly after dog attack and multiple accidents and no proper treatment... I would like to have my slope downward from the nose bridge or 'tweedys' snack replaced correctly and scarring corrected how much am I looking at after internal surgery for external reconstruction? and is it covered by any insurance I live in SC

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Insurance coverage

It is difficult to say in your case how much will be covered by insurance.  The dog bite may qualify you for both internal and external reconstruction if it is felt to be secondary to the injury itself and not pre exisiting.  Usually insurance will cover internal surgery for airway but not for external cosmetic surgery.  But you case is unique.  Send photos and a letter from your surgeon to your insurance company for preauthorization.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Rhino Plasty for External Shape and Scarting Damage After Internal Repair Covered by Insurance?

Insurance should cover the portion of the surgery that is being performed to help your nose function better. Any portion of the surgery performed to refine the shape or appearance of the nose will be cosmetic and require an out of pocket payment. Many surgeons will typically set that fee based on the complexity of the cosmetic component. The most extensive/ complicated the cosmetic changes the most expensive the cosmetic fee will typically be. I hope this information is helpful.

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Rhino Plasty for External Shape and Scarting Damage After Internal Repair Covered by Insurance?

Dear Ruthi,

thank you for your questions.  Usually, insurance covers septoplasty for airway correction, but not for external cosmesis.  However, in some cases, it is covered if due to trauma.  However, this is usually current trauma, not necessarily many years ago, in a different country.  

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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Need photos to analyse nose

Would really need photos to be able to give you any sort of an educated guess about what needs to be done to your nose.  It could range from a standard rhinoplasty / septoplasty to some type of external scar revision.  

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Nasal surgery after an injury

Typically your insurance will cover procedures which improve or restore function to your nose.  Procedures to alter the nose cosmetically or improve its shape will not be covered and will require payment.  You need to have an in person evaluation of your nose with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to assess what needs to be done to make the cosmetic changes you desire.  A quote for out of pocket cost will be part of this evaluation.

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