Will a rhino help reduce pain in the bridge of my nose? Nose was broken a few times and now have pain around the bump.

I also have very deviated septum. I know I need surgery for the septum and considered having more work done on the bump and tip of my nose (which is also painful). I'm concerned because it seems any work done on the exterior of my nose is considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance, even though I'm in a lot of pain from it. Is this a common occurrence and will surgery help with reducing the pain?

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Rhinoplasty for pain relief

The cause of pain from your nose can be from neuroma secondary to repeated fracture or from contact pressure pain between the septum and the turbinate. Other causes may also be possible but a thorough evaluation is first necessary.

Rhinoplasty may or may not help depending on the cause of the pain.

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Septo-rhinoplasty for pain improvement

The septoplasty procedure can be billed to the patient's medical insurance once medical medicine necessity has been documented. Pain from the nasal dorsal hump is not  going to go away with a rhinoplasty procedure. The rhinoplasty is considered cosmetic and must be paid for by the patient.

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inlandsurf: There is a saying in surgery: "never operate on pain."  Obviously this doesn't apply to unfortunate circumstances like cancer, but in general it is both logical and true that surgery - which causes alot of inflammation - very rarely reduces pain and in fact often increases pain.  So, I would not do surgery to decrease pain.  Aesthetic and breathing concerns are a very valid reason to want more surgery, but again, I wouldn't count on it significantly changing your current pain levels. 

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Rhinoplasty to Relieve Nasal Pain

I would never recommend a rhinoplasty to relieve nasal pain without knowing the cause of your pain. You need to have a thorough evaluation to diagnose why you have the nasal discomfort.

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