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Hello, I had a finesse rhino 5 mos ago. My nose is pulling slightly to the right and my doc says it did not heal properly. My doctor is in Chicago and is a well known PS in the Rhino field. He wants to rebreak the right side and reset. I am moving next month however and need to find THE BEST rhino surgeon in Baltimore , MD. Does anyone know of a GREAT rhino doc? I would gladly go back to my chicago doc but I'm not sure I'll be able too. Help and thanks!

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Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Baltimore Area

Hi Melinda,

You may consult with Ira Papel, MD in the Baltimore area.  Dr. Papel is one of the best rhinoplasty and well respected facial plastic surgeons in the Baltimore neighborhood.  If he is unable to perform your revision, I am sure that he will be able to recommend whom he thinks is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the area.  As always, it is most important to choose your rhinoplasty surgeon most carefully, and in many cases it is worth the extra time and expense to revisit your original surgeon.  Good luck and be well.

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