Is it possible to make a narrowed tip wider through revision? (photos)

hi doctors, I underwent a septo rhinoplasty 10 months ago to remove a hump but the surgeon narrowed my tip so much. I used to have a nose tip exactly like the girl in the photo. Is it possible to restore it through revision? If so what type of grafts will be used? Thanks

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Revision rhinoplaty, widening tip

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Yes, in general it should be possible.  May not even need to be that invasive.  Would need to see photos of your current appearance to know what would be needed, but count on a cartilage graft for a permanent solution.

Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Widening the tip

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Yes the tip can be widened if too narrow after rhinoplasty. It is hard to say exactly what would be required without seeing pictures or preferably you in person. I prefer imaging for revision cases as this gives you the best idea of what can be achieved, and also helps plan the optimal result. As the nose is three dimensional, changing one aspect can affect the appearance of the remainder, so revision can be more complicated than you think, but not always.

Matthew Kienstra, MD, FACS
Springfield Facial Plastic Surgeon
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