Are there any small permanent dentures that can be fixed to other teeth for the 4 front bottom teeth? (photos)

I have a gum disease, that wasnt treated in the past and lead me to my actual situation. My main question is about the bottom jaw, the 2 main front teeth are moving lots, one is very loose as you can see in the photo and both have lots of tartar plaque in the front side and covered by it from the back. I cannot afford expensive treatments, and in UK NHS can only help in paying maximum a denture. Im 36 single and don't think about denture except if there is a small one that can be fixed

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Extractions, snapindentures, dental tourism

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You can certainly can find a solution with this 2 procedures, 

the first one is SNAPINDENTURES, with 8 mini implants, uppers or lowers you can have snap indentures, you will have a strong long term solution , , the most affordable solution, in implant dentistry.and forget about the gagging problem, they do not touch the palate, there is no roof of the palate. 

the other solution, which is screw retained, in ALL ON4, BY NOBEL BIOCARE, you will have a strong solution, and you do not need to take them out, you should check what many americans are doing, traveling abroad for dental get up to 60 % below the prices, with same quality and materials.  

What to do for loose teeth

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Hi There,

Look for a creative PERIODONTIST who will work with you to save your teeth.  It may not be possible - but what I would try is to get those teeth cleaned up, learn how to brush them properly and then splint them together, across the whole lower 6 front teeth on the inside, tongue side.  The periodontist will know what I am talking about.  However this is NOT an option if you have too much bone loss (determined by an xray) AND if you do not practice immaculate every day home care.  You want to get interested in how to keep your teeth clean, in what works, what angle to hold your toothbrush, what type of brush to use and what is best paste, or natural remedy to use too.  Work with the dental office where the Periodontist is.  They want you to keep your teeth too.

Periodontal disease

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Due to your financial situation & government coverage, implants & a tooth bridge (what you are asking about) is out of the question.  Your option is a removable flipper or a metal partial denture. To get a fixed bridge (porcelain teeth connected across 2 healthy teeth), you need to have the periodontal disease taken care of & the remaining teeth evaluated.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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Partial, fixed bridge

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Sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately dentures or partials can not be fixed unless connected to implants.  You can get a small partial denture however it will be removable.  You other alternative is a fixed bridge whereby the adjacent teeth to the extracted teeth on either side is shaved down to anchor the crowns.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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Dental Implants may help you.

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Once the teeth are removed or fall out there are a few different options you can consider. Since you're mainly concerned about the front two teeth right now, you may want to look into bridges, partial, or dental implants. 

Bridges and partials are a temporary fix that are less expensive and will ensure you have teeth in the front. Issues you may come into with  partials and bridges are that they are not permanent and are chances of bone loss, irritation of gums, wear and tear of healthy teeth.

Another option to consider is dental implants. Implants function as your natural teeth, they also help stimulate the bone to reduce chances of bone loss. Dental implants will not  negatively affect your other teeth. The downside to dental implants is they can be a little expensive. I would suggest doing some research on dentist in your area and see which procedure will be best suitable for you. 

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