I Had RF Accent for Facial Skin Tightening but Lost More Fat and my Skin Looks Looser?

Hi, I am a 29 year old female and had three RF treatments on my face and neck area desiring tighter skin. After the third treatment, I started to notice looser skin. I have deeper nasolabial folds, and laugh lines that run parallel to the nasolabial folds and under my eyes. I started the treatment 5 months ago and my last one was almost 2 months ago. Will this get better or worse? What can I do to get a firmer and tighter skin? Do you recommend fillers or should I wait? Do you recommend firming creams?

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It May Take 3-6 Months To See Final Results.

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Accent radiofrequency treatment is one of many RF techniques that lead to skin tightening. It may take 3-6 months to see final results and you may need to add filler treatments to optimize the results.

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