Over a year after tummy tuck what should I do? (photos)

It's been over a year since my tummy my scar is horrible. My stomach is round it looks like I'm pregnant, and I'm not. Still in pain from my scar from the tummy tuck. My belly button is painful also I have a bad odor coming from there with some nasty stuff coming out. belly button is very deep I could stick a bobby pin in there.

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Visceral Fat Is Not A Plastic Surgery Issue

I would love to see a photo of your tummy before the tummy tuck was done, but given that this is what we have to work with...

It seems to me that you have a lot of intra-abdominal or "Visceral" fat which is making your belly protrude.  This is a weight loss issue, and not a plastic surgery issue.

With that said, if you were shaped like this last year, then I may have suggested weight loss before we went to a tummy tuck.

You really need to speak with your surgeon.

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Tummy tuck issues

It sounds like you have several things going on and would be best served to be seen in person........

Steven Wallach, MD
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Over a year after tummy tuck what should I do?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I am sorry that your results have not been what you anticipated.  Unfortunately without an in-person examination it is difficult to offer definite advice as you may have a discrete fluid collection, loss of muscle repair, hernia, visceral fat, etc that may be contributing to your current appearance. I would recommend seeing your surgeon to voice your concerns and to have the belly button drainage evaluated.  Best wishes.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Tummy Tuck Issues


It is important that you return to your surgeon to discuss your concerns with him/her. That is the best way to approach your situation. Good luck to you.

Janet Turkle, MD
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Over a year after tummy tuck what should I do?

Yes, this is not the contour most of us want to see after a TT. Usually this is a contour due to too much internal fat and if you had this round look prior to the surgery you would not be considered a good TT candidate. If that is the cause, weight loss will take care of it. But it sounds like you need to take your concerns to your surgeon since we have no idea what your preop contour was nor do we know what procedures were done during the TT. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Tummy tuck

Hello and thank you for your question. I recommend returning to your surgeon to share your concerns.  If he/she is unable to help, then seek consultation with a tummy tuck expert.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
Harvard-trained plastic surgeon

Richard G. Reish, MD
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Tummy Tuck Concerns

Thank you for your questions and photos. I am sorry to hear that you are dissapointed about your procedure.  There are a couple of issues here that are related to your expectations about the procedure.   If you have a tummy tuck before you have lost all of your intra-abominal fat, it will limit how tight the muscles can be made.  This leads to a less than favorable outcome because your tummy cannot be made as flat as you want.  This  is an important issue to discuss and understand before surgery.  I am certain that the skin and fat removal have helped even though you are not completely fat.  The good news is that with further diet and exercise, you can lose the intra abdominal fat and your result will improve.  Your scars are still very red and will likely continue to improve over the next 6-12 months.  The oder from your belly button is a concern.  It can be an early singn of an inclusion cyst or a retained suture.  This should be brought to your surgeon's attention.  Best wishes!

Robert F. Centeno, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Derby Sang

Thank you for your question and your photo.

i really recommend you to visit or contact a board certified PS and go over your concerns. From my eye i can tell that a TT and a Lipo can help you have a natural body, but still i recommend you to have a face to face consultation with a PS doctor.

Best of luck  

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
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Over a year after tummy tuck what should I do?

As another surgeon stated It sounds like you have several things and would be best served to be seen in person........

It is always best to ask these questions of your chosen surgeon as recommendations may be different.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Tummy tuck

Thank you for your question and pictures. It would be helpful to see your pre-op pictures as well as to know if your weight has been stable over the last year.  Was your surgery done by a Board Certified PS?  If so, then be sure to go back to him about your concerns.  However, it is important to have has realistic expectations based on your pre op pics and your present vs then weight.  

Ramiro Morales, Jr., MD
Pembroke Pines Plastic Surgeon
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