Revison Rhino: 7weeks Post Op, What Can I Do to Help Decrease Swelling?

I am 7 weeks post op w/ lots of swelling. Is there anything I can do to help this along? Walk? Exercise? Should I still be sleeping elevated? If so, how elevated? Also, what about massaging? Epsom salt baths? Thanks :)

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Swelling following rhinoplasty

After 7 weeks, it is not necessary to sleep in an elevated position. At this point, you really just need to be patient, as the remainder of the swelling will go down over time.

In general, the typical side effects of rhinoplasty may include the following:

1) Mild pain
2) Congestion
3) Blood tinged discharge for 48-72 hours following surgery
4) Swelling
5) Numbness


The final result of a rhinoplasty may not be noticeable for up to a year following your surgery. The amount of time the swelling lingers may be influenced by the following things:

1) Whether or not tip work was performed
2) The thickness of the patient's skin
3) If the procedure was open or closed

Thanks and I hope this helps!

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Swelling After Revision Rhinoplasty

It's best to follow the post operative instructions as set by your plastic surgeon. Swelling can take some time to completely go away and is still common during your stages of healing. Try to be patient and all will heal in time.

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