Can Revisions Be Done by Local Anaesthesia?

Hi doctors, Iam 4 months post liposuction to tummy, knees, inner, outer thighs with fat transferred to buttocks. Iam very happy with the tummy but have noticed one of my inner thighs has a pocket of fat making the inner thigh look irregular. Also with the buttocks, they are better shape from behind but didn't get the projection I was seeking from the side, and the right one looks more depressed than the left. I am considering having this corrected, can this be done by local? Thanks

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Revisions under local?

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Yes most revisions can be done under local. Some patients can handle it very well. Others require a little sedation to be comfortable. If you want it without any IV meds at all, at least take a couple Valium before.  Dr Foster  Lake Tahoe Plastic Surgery 

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Revision BBL under local

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It is quite possible to do a revision under local but it really depens upon the extent of the procedure and the tolerance of the patient. Sometimes they need sedation.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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