2 Months Post-op Septorhinoplasty. Do I Need Revision?

It's been 2 months since my septorhinoplasty and I'm very concerned because my nose looks worse than before. Half the cast did not adhere properly for a couple days and when it fell off two days prematurely, the left side of my bridge was very straight and the other half rather shapeless. I rang my surgeon who simply said "Don't worry". The tip is also noticeably asymmetrical.

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Two months post rhinoplasty is to early to decide revision rhinoplasty

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Two months post surgery is to early to see your final results. The crookedness of the nose may not change as the bones are probably set. However the tip asymmetry may improve overtime as the swelling resolves. While revision may be necessary it is most important not to perform a secondary procedure until all of the swelling has dissipated, which usually takes a full year. Best regards!

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