Dry, Red Skin 8.5 Months Post-Rhinoplasty

8.5 months since the rhinoplasty, they placed 2mm silicone after shaving down the bridge, and raised my tip with ear cartilage. Issue:reddish line on the bridge with a small bump (no pain/swelling) and my tip is red, dry uneven due to skin peeling. Would laser fix my tip skin, is it okay to put lotion, will it ever go away naturally; Is the red line permanent? what causes it and revision necessary? (have a thin skin so will that complicate revision?) I can't see a doc now due to distance.

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Redness after silicone implant

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Although the redness may be from benign vascular changes in the skin the possibility of infection must be considered - you should see your surgeon to have your nose evaluated

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See your surgeon ASAP for the redness, especially in the face of silicone. Will be concerned about infection.

Samir Shureih, MD
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