Do I Need a Revision Soon?

3 weeks ago I got 371 cc implants. I was a small 32 B and wanted a small 32 C. I weighed 100 lbs and am 5'2". I was to decide bet 339 and 371 cc. I showed pictures of a woman with 339cc implants with similar size. The doctor said the larger implant will be more similar. After surgery my left breast is higher than the right and they are huge. He says the right breast will drop sooner and they will get smaller. Do I need a revision? Don't want skin to stretch too much. Lost all self confidence.

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Do I Need a Revision Soon?

No, not soon, maybe not at all.

Many patients who are content with their nice outcomes were distressed for one of a number of reasons early in the healing period. Implants often look improperly positioned this early, and it takes 3 to 6 months for the implants to settle. 

Patience. Follow up with your surgeon. All the best. 

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Too Big after Breast Surgery?

I am sorry to hear about the stress you are experiencing. Considering that you are only 3 weeks out of surgery, you should be aware that many patients this early out feel that they are too small or too big only to be very pleased with the longer-term outcome of the procedure performed. Therefore, I think you will find most plastic surgeons recommend that you give yourself both physical and “body image” adjustment time before you evaluate the long-term outcome of the procedure performed.  For some patients this may take as long as 3 to 6 months.


If, after very careful consideration, you are convinced that you are not going to be happy with the breast size in the longer term, downsizing of breast implants can be done at any time. In regards to cost of surgery, best to communicate your concerns and questions with your plastic surgeon in a calm and constructive fashion. Hopefully with this type of communication, you will ( working together) come up with a solution that will achieve your goals.

For patients considering breast augmentation in the future, be careful about communicating your goals in terms of cup sizes;  this type of communication can be confusing and a source of patient dissatisfaction.   Likewise, I ask patients not to base their level of satisfaction with the outcome of breast augmentation surgery on what cut size anywhere afterwards.  Personally, I find the use of goal pictures helpful during the communication process.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Need for revision

Since your surgery was only 3 weeks ago, it is too soon to tell if you need a revision. You need time to heal, and time for the implants to settle. I would suggest keeping your post op visits with your surgeon. Your breasts will continue to improve over the next few months.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Patient often experience an excessive amount of upper pole fullness after breast augmentation surgery.  It can take up to 2 months for your implants to settle and for the swelling to subside.  At times one breast can be on a faster path to recovery than the other.  A bandeau is recommended to be worn if the implants are too high, to help the implants settle faster.  I believe it is too soon to determine whether a revisionary procedure is needed. Currently your breast need some time to heal.

M. Mark Mofid, MD
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Do I Need a Revision Soon?

     32 cc is not a noticeable difference, and the position of the implants will likely improve if the pocket dissection was similar.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Too big implants

In general 3 weeks is too soon to tell if this is the final size because of swelling.  I would advise you to be patient.  If this does not resolve then have your surgeon reevaluate you in about 6 months and decide to change the size then.

Good luck.

Dr. V

Bhupesh Vasisht, MD
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Do I Need a Revision Soon?

Patients often feel the breasts aren't right in the early postoperative period and by 3 months almost everyone is happy with their new look.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Uneven breast surgery

I would certainly recommend that you express your concerns with your PS and discuss ways to help alleviate this problem.  Three weeks is too early to have a revision unless the problem was found out soon after the surgery.  Time usually improves minor issues but cannot fully resolve other problems.  Maintain communication with your surgeon.

Tito Vasquez, MD, FACS
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Breast implant revision

You are only 3 weeks out and it's too early to even think about a revision.  I would certainly wait and let the implants settle before you make a judgment.  If after 6 months you are not happy, then you could speak with your plastic surgeon and consider a revision at that time.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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