What Should I Expect For a Implant Revision? What Is The Rejection Rate Of Strattice?

I am getting a revision with implant exchange to silicone, plication on right breast and a capsulectomy with an acellular dermal matrix on 2 weeks and I am extremely scared. How painful is this procedure usually and what is the rejection and infection rate of strattice? I had B/A and lift in June and it was a complete disaster.

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The infection rate with an acellualr dermal matrix like Strattice is higher than without, but it is a good product that incorporates well and works nicely for capsule issues.

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Breast augmentation revision

The first thing to be worried about is whether your surgeon is the right one for the revision.  If the first surgery was a total mess, hopefully you have considered another doctor.  The pain and recovery are not as abd as the first time, it is just that you want to get it as good as possible this time and not need another surgery after.

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Strattice is a good option for breast implant revision surgery

Strattice is a very biocompatible material and over time becomes incorporated as living tissue, like a living internal bra. It is especially helpful for secondary revisions where it may provide a unifying solution to compound problems. I have used in on several dozen cases and have not seen any problems with rejection.

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Breast implant revision after lift

Revision of breast surgery is a very complex procedure, and it becomes even more so after less than desirable first surgery outcome.

It is important to carefully select the surgeon performing the procedure, evaluating track record, previous results with similar problems, and overall success rate in revision breast surgery.  Revision breast surgery can be extremely satisfying or simply prolong a cycle of less than optimal outcomes.

Acellular dermal matrix is a very good tool in the reinforcement of structural defects in the lower, inner and outer aspect of the breast envelope.  It has a very good track record and very low infection and complication rate.  However, it is not the solution to all problems. 

  • Strattice has a slightly higher rate of infection and seroma formation (fluid buildup around the implant) than Alloderm in reconstructive breast surgery but it is stronger than Alloderm and available in larger sizes.
  • "Rejection" does not apply to acellular dermal grafts as there is nothing in the material  that the body would reject.

In our experience with revision capsulorraphy (plication of the breast implant capsule) with dermal matrix patient usually are fairly comfortable and recover well, with the appropriate restrictions.

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