Revision Needed After Ectropian Surgery

I had revision work for an ectropian about 10 years ago. He did it partly through a cheek lift, put fat back under my eyes and did something with the corner of my eyes. My eyes used to be almond shaped, but after surgery, it was kind of lost. Just recently everything fell. My outer eyebrows, the outer corners of my eyes and the top part of my cheeks. this happened after rubbing my eyes. Is this common? Can it be fixed

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Revision Needed After Ectropian Surgery

If your last surgery was 10 years ago, then it is certainly possible you have had facial drooping in your eyebrows, mid-face, etc.  It is possible  to be improved.  Given your previous eyelid surgery, you are well advised to see an Oculoplastic surgeon who deals with complicated eyelid reconstructions.

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Revision surgery

There are probably a few reasons why your eyelids are the way they are, such as scarring/tethering from prior surgery, muscle weakness, and sundamage/aging.  There are surgical (and nonsurgical) solutions.  You should obtain a consult with an oculoplastic surgeon, who has done work in reconstructive postblepharoplasty issues.

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Eyelid Shape Changes after Eyelid Surgery

There are definitely changes present in your eyelid shape compared to your older pictures.  Eyelid anatomy and function are quite complex and require someone who can appropriately diagnose and treat your eyelid problem.  We commonly saw and corrected these issues where I did additional training in oculoplastic surgery (Paces Plastic Surgery with Dr. McCord in Atlanta, GA).  That may be your best option.

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Eyelid ectropion

Thanks for the photos but the last one is at an angle with your face tilted down which makes things look worse. If you lost support of your lower eyelid, this can usually be corrected.

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Stop having cosmetic surgery under your health insurance.

You need cosmetic reconstructive lower eyelid/midface surgery.  This type of work is expensive and highly specialized.  Your local general plastic surgeon or even local oculoplastic surgeon is not likely to be able to help you.  I am also concerned that you will not find this type of work in New Mexico.  You do not have ectropion.  I am not even sure you have vertical inadequacy of the lower eyelid.  In your photo you have profoundly tipped your chin down which exaggerates the amount of white showing under the eyes.  Certainly you have midface ptosis and thinning of the lower eyelid tissues.  However there is no ectropion which is defined as a very specific eyelid malposition were the eyelid is actually rotated away from the eye creating an actual gap between the eyelid margin and the eye itself.  Solutions for the situation you have start with a personal consultation with a surgeon who specializes in midface/lower eyelid reconstruction.

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