Can Revision Tummy Tuck Be Done After Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck Was Performed?

Hi, I am 6 month post mini tummy tuck with umbilical float. I did have muscle plication above my belly button. My belly button is now 2cm lower. I am dissatisfied with the bulge above my belly button and I can't get an explanation why it looks like this. I had a sonogram and it did not show collection of fluid or blood. Can I benefit from a revision? And is it possible after floating the umbilicus?

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Tummy tuck revision can be done after umbilical float.


1)  Most likely, you need better muscle repair above the belly button. To do this, the skin (including umbilicus) is lifted up again for exposure.

2)  If more upper abdominal skin needs to be removed, then, of course, the belly button cannot be dragged down any lower. In this case you need a two stage procedure. The good news is that the first stage is a minor operation under local anesthesia. It is called a "delay procedure", and it involves an incision around the belly button. This stage increases the blood flow from the base of the belly button, and makes the revision safe.

3)  A month later, a full tummy tuck can be done, leaving the umbilicus in its original position.

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