Revision or Touch Up For My TT? (photo)

I had a Full tummy tuck with lipo of flanks and hernia repair in jan 2013. I am now 6 mos po and my stomach is huge all still sits on my lap.I still have a pouch and above my belly button hangs over my pants..i have no type of definition on my sides, I feel boxed.spent so much money on this and I just feel as if I waisted my money. My PS says he will pull the bottom down and lipo the sides but what about the top? Will that help or will I need a full revision?

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Revision for tummy tuck

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The shape of the abdomen after surgery depends on the amount of fat both inside and outside the stomach muscles as well as the amount of loose skin on top of the muscle. Redoing the tummy tuck will address the loose skin, and redoing the lipo will address the fat above your stomach muscles, but only weight loss will address the underlying shape of your abdomen. The best result will come from losing enough weight that your BMI is within the normal range (you can google BMI to calculate yours) and then repeating the tummy tuck. If you repeat it at your current weight, you will get an improved result, but the upper half of your abdomen will still be rounded and full. I wish you the best.

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Revision or re-do?

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It really depends on your expectations.  Revisions can certainly help a lot but is it enough?  Only you can decide that.  In addition, you should be easily maintaining your weight or you will not keep your results. 

Curtis Wong, MD
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Revision or Touch Up For My TT?

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Even with the poorly exposed [posted photos you WILL NEED A FULL REVISION! Sorry. Best to discuss with your Ps in  person. 

Consider weight loss first then a revision of your abdominoplasty

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     There are three problems that are evident.  You are overweight and will benefit from losing weight, there is redundant skin of the lower abdomen and there is redundant subcutaneous fat of your trunk.   Surgery offers a limited solution to many of your problems and your overall size may have contributed to some of these problems to begin with.                                                        

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Revisional tummy tuck

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It is quite difficult to judge the "after" without seeing the "before" so please consider posting both sets of photos.  You would benefit from additional surgery but I would advise you to try to lose weight first as that may well be part of the issue here.

Redo Tummy Tuck

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Without before pictures, it is difficult to comment on your results.  However, it appears that  your certainly could have improved results with additional surgery.  Weight loss is likely a good first step, followed by excision of the lower abdominal skin and possibly tightening of your rectus muscles.  An in-person examination would be required to determine all of the procedures that would be needed.


Good Luck.

Redo Tummy Tuck

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Thanks for the photos.  By looking at your final results I would offer you a redo tummy tuck as I feel you have too much lower abdominal pannus remaining and that it certainly over hangs still.  I would encourage you to lose some weight to begin with as I think you also have some internal abdominal fat which may be making it difficult to get a good tummy tuck result.  The lose skin will then do well with a revision tummy tuck.


Stephen Salerno

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