Revision Surgery for Loose Skin After Platysmaplasty?

I had a Chin Reduction & Platysmaplasty / submentoplasty (basically the Dr did a corset tightening of muscle) using the same incision for both; scar is 1.5" long under the chin. The chin looks fantastic.However, the skin on my neck/under the chin is saggy. The Dr said he could revise by snipping off extra skin using same scar but w/longer incision. No skin taken 1st first time (I am 36). He thought the skin would retract. Does this sound like it would help? It would be free revision and he is a good Dr, but should I seek 2nd opinion?

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Treatment of loose skin under the chin

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When you remove excess neck skin via an incision under the chin, it is usually excised as a D shape with the curved portion towards the adam's apple. This leaves you with 2 edges that are not of equal length.

If you excise it as an oval shape there is the risk that the ends of the resulting scar may become visible over the edge of the jaw bone. That would make most of my patients unhappy.

With the D shape, if you remove some darts of skin along the curve, you equalize the lengths of the edges and keep the scar under the chin where it is less visible.

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Chin revision

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It sounds like your doctor did a good job for you and most of the time a 36 y.o. would have good enough skin to shrink. Without seing you, I would say that if there is a very small amount of extra skin, it might be removed in the extension of the scar you have. If there is more lax skin a removal behind the ears will be better.

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