Just Had Revision Surgery for Malposition & Rippling. Still Disappointed With Small Boobs and Nipple Position? (photo)

This was my 3rd surgery (2nd was switch to silicone &larger implants) I had malposition& rippling. Was not guaranteed a significant change in nipple position, but expected more. Also went with 25cc less and am surprised by the difference I see. I didn't really want less, but told surgeon if it would help control the nipple position better..... SO now I have smaller boobs, a nipple that still faces my armpit& have spent enough to purchase a small car :( Can I be fixed?

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Nipple position

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you had very small breast and went to very large breasts.  in my opinion this always increases the change of disappointment because ther is not enough tissue to "hide" the implant, not enough to support it, and not enough to position it. 

furthermore the left nipple was relatively lateral to begin with.  you might have had greater success getting the main voluem of the implant resting behind the nipple if the implant was smaller and narrower.

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Just Had Revision Surgery for Malposition & Rippling. Still Disappointed With Small Boobs and Nipple Position?

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Even with the poor quality of your before photo you had a genetic, anatomic deformity of your breasts. Thus adding volume only magnified that deformity. The results from both operations food where you started are acceptable. In your case I recommend in person discussions and evaluations with very experience boarded PSs in your area. Best of luck. 

Unhappy with nipple position following revision of breast augmentation

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Based upon the photos you provided, it appears that your nipple to inframammary fold distance is significantly longer on the left than the right.  It may be possible to improve the position of your left nipple/areolar complex through the use of skin excision, although pocket revision and changing your implant size / styles may also be required.

Accurate measurements and physical exam, used in combination with knowledge of your present implant dimensions would be required to determine what treatment options would be best to achieve your goals, as well as to have some idea of your chances for success.

I would recommend that you consult wiith board-certified plastic surgeons to determine your treatment options as well as how likely they are to succeed.

Good luck.

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