Revision Surgery to Correct Minor Double Bubble by Moving the Implants over the Muscle. Rippling Risk?

I am 7 months post op. I got 421cc cohesive gel implants placed underneath the muscle. My PS said in my first consult. that the only option would be to go under the muscle. But on the day of the surgery he said that I could go either under or over I just recently noticed I could see the cease of my pre op breasts about a inch above my implant crease.Which I discovered is called the double bubble. I asked my PS he said it was normal and if I went over there would be rippling. What are my options?

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Double bubble repair may require split muscle approach

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If your implants are under the muscle, that was probably a choice based on the advantages of muscle coverage. The double bubble results from either lowering the bottom fold of the breast or because of the way the muscle is cut off the ribs; it then attaches to the implant capsule. You can tell if this is the case but noticing if there is upward pulling at the crease when you flex your pecs. If that happens, you need to either go over the muscle, which could result in implant visibility and rippling, or use a split muscle approach. That preserves the muscle coverage over the upper half where it is needed but eliminates the double bubble. I can send you an article describing it if you like.

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Implants in Winnipeg

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Going over the muscle will increase the visibility of your implants and visibility of any rippling (which is normal with any implants but is more obvious with saline implants, less so with silicone).

Depending on how much fat you have (or how skinny you are), the decision of going above or below is something that you should discuss with your PS.  They all have pros and cons.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Double Bubble

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If you have a double bubble, the fold can be tacked back down. You also may want to lower the volume of the implant.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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