Do I Need a Revision Surgery from Breast Implants with Mastopexy?

I had mastopexy with textured high profile implants -325cc 3 weeks ago. My right breast was lower and drooped right from the start. My PS says that it should all even out but I should expect some difference in breasts bc of excess fat on my right side. I don't understand why he did not make both breasts match in the first place. Will this improve so that both breasts look the same (I do not want the left one to droop as well) or will I need revision?

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Breast implant augmentation and lift: a complex operation with possible touch up

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in my opinion this is a good result for a complex operation. It may require a revision to meet your expectations but it would be best to wait for the results to settly and I would recommend waiting at least 6-9 months. It may take a very sublte procedure under local.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Be Patient with Results From Lift - It Wil Take At Least 3 Months

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You are still very early in the recovery process from your breast lift, so i would not worry at this point. There is still alot of changes that have to go on before you get to the final result.  It may take at least three months in some women.  The swelling has to go down, the tissues have to relax and stretch, etc.  Just be patient, and if you get to the three month mark and you are still unhappy, then address it with your surgeon at that time.  I hope this helps.

Breast matching

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You have a very nice result at three weeks. Breasts can not be matched perfectly and they look pretty close.  As time goes by, the breasts will relax a bit more and look more natural.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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