Revision Surgery After Failed Mullerectomy

I had mullerectomy about 4 weeks ago and the lid maintained a good height for about a week after op then drooped again to the before surgery position and never came back up. Now my surgeon suggested revision through external incision and he wants to reoperate on me in the next 2 months. My questions: 1. Why couldn’t the result of mullerectomy hold given that I responded well to the neo eye drop? 2. Is next 2 months the best time to do revision given that I am still moderately swollen?

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I know I answered part of this for you yesterday.

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Please do not be hustled into fixing this so soon.  I appreciate that you are anxious to be fixed.  However, if you and your surgeon are patient it is possible this will heal itself.  There are any number of reasons why the lid is now heavy.  However, swelling is the number one reason.  If this is the case, time will resolve your issue.

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