How soon can you have revision surgery after breast augmentation? What is the success rate using strattice?

I am 48 had under the muscule 421 silicone implants. I am 4 months post op. My right breast bottomed out some but was real soft. Doctor thought left had contracture. Over worked my self one day. Left breast is now totally soft. Over night right breast swelled became hard and very painful. One doctor said it's a trama leave alone. Should be soft in a month. Another doctor said it almost grade iv capsule. Massage like crazy. Can you recommend a PS who specializes in revision using strattice in columbus OH

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Strattice for capsular contracture

With the various opinions from doctors who have actually seen you, and the fact that it is still fairly early post-op, the best advice is to wait and see how things settle out. If you do have a contracture, then Strattice along with capsule tommy and implant replacement is very effective. 

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Contracture and when to revise

I think you need to take some time and let it settle . You have two opinions from Plastic Surgeons and should what since I believe you are early in the process . Give it 3 months and see . Continue massage . Follow up closely with the Plastic Surgeon you feel comfortable with . Remember , all Board Certified Plastic Surgeons can handle these issues. We may just come at it from another angle . If you want someone else than go to and contact the American Society of Plastic Surgery for other surgeons in your area .

Good Luck 

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