I Need A Revision Surgeon! Cost for a Revision Within my Budget?

I need a revision on my current implants. I've had for 10 months and they are too large for me. I have 400ccs mod plus by mentor. diam/proj is 13.1\4.0 respectively. prior was a small b..currently about dd,ddd, asked for large C small D. After having them I really just want my smaller self and just a Fuller B with better shape. I can email photos. I am sure I will need a capsullorhaphy as I want to go to about 150-200ccs. I can email pics. Budget is 3500 and based research seems reasonable.

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Talk with your surgeon

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Unfortunately, re-operation for desired size change...though rare, still occurs. Depending on how much you decide to downsize, your surgeon will likely have to close down the pocket a bit so that the new implants stay in the correct place. To be honest, $3500 is a very low price point for this type of revision operation. You are probably more likely to encounter fees in the range of 8-10K (including OR fees, anesthesia fees and surgeon fees) as a reasonable average...and that may be on the low side depending on how much work the procedure will require. You may have more luck with your original surgeon.

Pricing for revision

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Pricing is relative and one person's reasonable is another person's excessive fee. I will say that, if your budget is $3500 including anesthesia, facility and implants, in the northeast, that is likely too low. The implants alone are about $1000 and then the anesthesiologist has to be paid. I would advise you to return to your original surgeon. if you had surgery overseas as a medical tourist, then your sense of fees may be inaccurate. Also, if your initial plastic surgeon wasn't board certified/ASPS, then you would be comparing applies and oranges in terms of fee structure.

Implant removal and capsule manipulation

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Your situation is not common, but not rare either. The new vectra 3d scanner would help you a lot if not done already. the surgery can be in office and may be within your budget depending upon your age, skin elasticity, and current condition. evaluation of you in person, or at least phots would be very helpful.


Hope that helps.


Cap Lesesne,MD

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New York Plastic Surgeon

Revisionary Breast Surgery and Budget Concerns?

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide you with precise advice without direct examination, viewing pictures and/or a full communication of your goals. It sounds, based on your description, like you have a good understanding of what is involved with removal of breast implants, capsulorraphy, and downsizing of breast implants.  I think however that your estimation of the cost of surgery is significantly lower than what you will find as you do your  due diligence in the selection of plastic surgeon.

 Make sure you make your selection of plastic surgeon is based on demonstrable quality of work, not based on cost analysis alone. Many patients end up requiring multiple operations before achieving the results they are looking for.

I hope this helps.

Cost for a Revision

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Your surgeon for the first procedure may have a revision policy that would make that price work if he or she waves most of the professional fee. Otherwise  your research may have misled you. 

Even for a simple implant exchange without the added time for capsulorrhaphy you should expect on the low end $1500 for implants $800 for facility fee, $600 for anesthesia, and those are rough guesses based on my community, not Boston.  That leaves little or none (if added time is needed for the capsule work) for the surgeon. 

Thank you for the question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon


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Go back to your original surgeon. Let them fix up what they did. Why do you expect another doctor to take on someone elses problem for basically the cost of new implants, OR and anesthesia. Did you go abroad for the original surgery?


If you had a real doctor take care of you the first time they should be willing to revise you at a minimal cost -- but a new doctor will charge you a full fee.

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