What Surgery Techniques Can I Expect For Revision Switching to Smaller Implants?

I had a breast augmentation on Dec 2011. I am 5'2" 110 lbs. I have silicone 375cc moderate profile under muscles. I had discussion with my Dr. that I want a natural look. My results were not what I wanted. I have thin tissue which resulted a bulky upper pole on my breast and the impant feels heavy. I was a 32 A cup pre-op. I want a revision to get impants to a moderate profile 300cc (close size bwd as 375cc mod+) Will I have to do a breast lift or create a smaller pocket for revision? Thank you.

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Revision with smaller implants

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A revision to a smaller implant, may not require a breast lift.  It all depend upon what your breast skin quality if and how they look now with the current implants.  A change of 75 cc's probably will not require that.

A breast lift is not necessary when changing to smaller implants.

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In your situation, you will not need a breast lift or any significant revision of the breast implant pocket at the time of exchange.  You will inherit the risks of another operation so I would be quite certain that you indeed want to go to a smaller size.

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