Can a Revision of Slight Raised Bone on the Bridge Cause More Damage?

If you fix a slight raised bone on the side of your bridge after the original rhinoplasty can you end up with worse problems.

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Minor revision rhinoplasty and possible damage

Slightly irregular nasal bridge lines can be quite easily addressed through a touchup procedure known as rasping.  This is a procedure that is usually done under very brief general anesthesia whereby the bridge line is filed to be symmetrical and remove any dorsal irregularities.  In experienced hands this should cause no further damage.

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Bridge and potential further problems.

Any time surgery is performed there is a potential for problems to arise, especially during revision rhinoplasty, as normal tissue has been replaced with scar tissue. As far as your problem, it would be helpful to see photos to asses whether minor filing vs. osteotomies are indicated to fix your problem.

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