Revision septo rhinoplasty and shape of the nose?

I am 5 weeks post a revision septorhinoplasty, i dont see much swelling but the tip of the nose is kinda still bulbous on one side of the nose more than the other.It is kind of like a little bump on that nostril where as the other side is more defined and narrowed. This is the result I saw after removing the cast and it hasnt changed. Is this the final shape of the nose? I know Drs say to wait 2 years after revision procedures but will I see a miracle happen and the bump gone if I wait more? Thx

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Revision septo rhinoplasty and shape of the nose?

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  5 weeks is still pretty early.  Things may change.

After revision rhinoplasty operations, the swelling may take at least 18 months to subside.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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