Should a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Done?

I had my rhinoplasty almost 18 months ago, I am really happy with it but have asked my surgeon if he would consider a corrective procedure as one side of my nose has a slightly pronounced lump. To anyone but me it is hardly noticable, I am too critical and my surgeon has said that due to the thickness of my skin/cartilage there isn't anymore he can do as he can't achieve perfection, he is lovely and said he will contact me if he thinks of anything but if not that's it. What should I do?

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Should a revision rhinoplasty be done

There is no perfect nose.  A very slightly pronounced lump of cartilage or bone is probably within normal tolerances.  This can be especially true on thin-skinned individuals where every nuance tends to show.  That said, extremely small irregularities are normal in the nose and should probably be best left alone.

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Fair answer

After 18 months, it is fair to asses the overall appearance of your nose after a rhinoplasty.If you see a "lump" but perhaps it is not too noticeable, there may be things besides a revision rhinoplasty that can be done. Examples of this are dermal fillers or kenalog injections which can be used to mask any lumps, etc. Feel free to talk to your surgeon about this (or seek a second opinion). 

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Should a Revision Rhinoplasty Be Done

Hello, without photos it is impossible to advise you. At this time all that I can say is that you need to schedule a appointment with your surgeon and let him know that you are not comfortable with this lump. I am certain that it will be taken care of. Good luck to you.

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Need for Revision Rhinoplasty

It sounds like your surgeon is being very honest with you when he discusses your "hardly noticeable lump". A second opinion from an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon may clarify your dilemma.

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