Bump on Bridge After Revision Rhinoplasty

I had revision rhinoplasty 9 weeks ago. I now have a noticable bump on bridge of nose. The doctor recommends silicone fillers but I am against fillers because I don't know the long term effects. Should I have a revision with the same doctor. I don't know if I trust him now. Also he placed ear cartilage spreader grafts in to help with my breathing. I am unsure of what to do. This bump is pretty odvious high on my bridge. Please help.

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Bump at 9 weeks

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Nine weeks post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery and although the bump may likely persist, in general it is a good idea to wait about one year before seeking a revision.  There are a number of reasons why you should avoid silicone injections in the nose


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Bridge Bump after Revision Rhinoplasty

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I personally would not recommend the use of permanent fillers in conjunction with nasal revision surgery. Your bump may be secondary to shifting of the spreader grafts. I would wait another 4-5 months before making any decisions. After consultation with your surgeon, it may be helpful to get a second opinion to reassure you before any revision surgery.

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