Revision Rhinoplasty with Silicone Implants, I'm Having 37.0-37.4 Temperature After 3 Months?

Hi doctors,I;ve had my 2nd rhino like 3 months ago,and my doctor used silicone implant to correct the imperfection.Thought there is still swelling and I think the result is not that obvious now, but it's not the only thing that bothers me.I;m having temperature almost 37.0 to 37.4 and no medicine helps,I feel like broken and weak.I;m starting to think that it might be because of the silicone.I'm really worried.What do you think,can it be because of the silicone?Thanks

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Fever three months after rhinoplasty

First, you want to rule out any other cause of the fever. Obviously if the nose is tender it may be the cause and you should be evaluated by your doctor.

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Fevers with silicone implant rhinoplasty

An infection of your implant could certainly be the culprit.  Have your surgeon and primary physician take a look at you and get to the bottom of it asap.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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