3.5 weeks Post-op Revision Rhinoplasty, is this just swelling or is scar tissue forming? (photos)

I am early in the healing process for revision rhinoplasty, (3.5) & aware I have quite a bit of time for things to settle. But, concerned as my nose is shifting for the worse. I cannot tell if the bulbous section that is moving to the right is uneven swelling or more visible scar tissue forming? Also, the columella seems unusually thick and my nostrils are uneven-- in general most of nose is shifting. Please advise if this could be rectified with time and resolving swelling or a bigger issue?

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Swelling post revision rhinoplasty

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There is generally more swelling after a revision rhinoplasty than a primary. Frequently steroid injections into the tip can help, but at 3 1/2 weeks swelling is very normal.  Continued follow up with your surgeon can help in determining whether the swelling is normal or cause for concern, but at this early time point, I would not be too concerned.

3.5 wks post rhinoplasty

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Your nose is very swollen and will stay that way for a while. It may take up to a year for the swelling to subside. Good luck.

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