Revision Rhinoplasty Questions? (photo)

Hi, I have some questions. 1. Why do the eyes change when the nose bridge is taken down too much? I completely lost my Identity because of this I don't even recognize myself and I'm almost 6 months after closed rhinoplasty. 2. I saw good outcomes with diced cartilage wrapped in fascia , is this a good technique when the patiens wants the nose bridge go from concave to a bit convex shape? Can my nose be made a bit convex and restore my eyes again? i saw some picturs that were promising

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Revision Rhinoplasty and bridge

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If too much of the bridge is taken down, it gives the illusion of increased apparent width between the eyes.  Augmenting the bridge would help 'narrow' the nose and restore the appearance of the eyes.  This doesn't happen in everyone but can be noted in many.  Diced cartilage and fascia is a good technique but don't think the studies showed a long term persistent result.  Rib cartilage, your own or cadaveric, in addition to synthetic grafts such as gortex or silicone are all options to increase dorsal height.  Seeing a revision rhinoplasty specialist to discuss your options would be most appropriate.

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