After Rhinoplasty my Nose is Still Asymmetrical and Not as Narrow as Originally Discussed, What Should I do? (photo)

I had a limited rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of just the bridge of my nose. From the front view, my bridge was quite wide and asymmetric. The right side of my nasal bone was bigger than my left. From the profile, I had a pronounced hump. At my 6 mo post op I expressed concerns that by nasal bone still had some assymetry and were not as narrow as I would have liked. My surgeon said that the nasal bones can only be narrowed so far. Is this true? What do you think?

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty is excellent for revsion cases

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Adding fillers to your nose may not make your bridge any narrower but it can certainly help with any asymmetry that you have.  Adding fillers is a great way to make small changes after a rhinoplasty surgery.

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Asymmetry and narrow after rhinoplasty

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the aswer to your quesiton depends on how far out you are after the procedure.  i would wait at elast 3 months before making any judgements and one full year before pursuing a revision

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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Nasal Asymmetry and Excess Width 6 Months Post Rhinoplasty

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Remember that your nose will continue to change for another 6 months. I cannot see the asymmetry in the pictures submitted but this can be improved after healing is complete. The base of your nose may be a little wide. I suggest that you go to my website for instructions on how to take the pictures and submit them to us for review by this panel.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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