Revision Rhinoplasty Needed? I'm Very Distraught.

Hi, I just had a Rhinoplasty two weeks and a half ago and I'm extremely distraught with the results. I had a nice, thin nose but my only problem was that it had a hump. I told my doctor numerous times that I only wanted a slight change, which was the removal of the hump. He then suggested to remove some cartilage from the tip to make it more symmetrical. I have a long face so I didn't understand why he would suggest that but I went ahead and let him do the work since his the expert, not me. Advi

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Need for Revsion Rhinoplasty

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You may ultimately decide to have a revision , but it is impossible to judge your  result just 2 weeks after your original rhinoplasty. Your nose will change significantly over the next several months as swelling decreases and healing progresses. I have no idea what you looked like before surgery, but narrowing a wide tip frequently is beneficial when operating on a patient with a long face. Please be patient while sharing your concerns with your surgeon.

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