I had revision Rhinoplasty 1 month ago. Should I be worried about my nose tip? (Photo)

my first rhinoplasty was a disaster & it left me with a bad nose.i had revision 1 month ago,my nasal bridge was slightly retouched,i had a nasal graft on my right nose tip,& my tip was refined & lifted.I like my nose side view but i feel that my nose tip is big,& my columella look weird.is it natural for columella to look this way after 1 month or should i visit my surgeon?&how small should my nose tip get 3 month from now,i have a wedding.I need ur professional opinion about the pics,thank you

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I had revision rhinoplasty one month ago, should I be worried about my nose tip?

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It takes at least a year to heal from rhinoplasty and sometimes longer for after revision rhinoplasty. After one month, it is normal to have swelling in the tip. The swelling through out your nose will change over the next few months. Have your surgeon evaluate your scar and nasal tip. You will see that things change with time.

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