Revision Rhinoplasty or Mommy Makeover and Other Body Procedures First?

How long do I need to wait if I had the revision rhinoplasty before I can have any surgery done on my body, particularly a mommy makeover, brazilian butt lift, and arm lift. I need to have extensive surgery done to fix what massive weight gain and loss has done to my body. But I also have trouble breathing and have a crooked, unsightly nose. Which should I get fixed first and how long to wait in between per surgery ?

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Revision Rhinoplasty and Body Sculpting Procedures

Your choice of procedure order really depends on which areas you wish to address first.  The healing time for a revision rhinoplasty is typically 2 to 4 weeks, but it is possible to have body sculpting surgery as soon as 1 week later.

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Revision rhinoplasty and extensive contouring after weight loss

The best plan of attack is to present your surgeon with a priority list of the things you would like to do.  Each surgeon has his/her specific skill sets that dictate how many procedures can be safely combined.  A good plan will combine several procedures together for efficiency.  Combining procedures is safe and effective; be sure to walk around a lot afterwards to avoid blood clots.

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Rhinoplasty or body work?

It really is a personal choice to determine whether a rhinoplasty should be performed or body work. Do what bothers you  most.

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Mommy makeover and revision rhinoplasty

I do not think the timing in between is as important as the sequence of the procedures.  I would recommend the body rejuvenation procedures prior to the revision rhinoplasty.  The body procedures may require positioning you face-down during surgery.  This could cause significant problems if a revision rhinoplasty had been recently performed (from prolonged pressure on the nose). Best wishes!

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