Revision Rhinoplasty at 5 M Too Soon? However Feeling So Depressed. Will the Risk Outweigh Benefit?

I am 3.5 m after primary surgery. Experience is unsatisfactory. After consulting for secod opinion w two doctor confirmed that the droopy round tip is cartilage not swelling and more or less my nose shape will stay this way. Nose shape did not really change anymore when it hit two m mark. I know that revision should be done only at 6 m but i found a dr willing to do it at 5 m since i am excruciatingly depressed i absolutely hate my nose. Kindly advise.

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Several factors for consideration in revision rhinoplasy

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Besides the recommended 6 to 12 months for revision rhinoplasty, there should be consideration of whether this revision is minor or more extensive in nature, and the thickness of your nasal tip skin at this time. If in doubt, it is always best to wait, even for minor revisions. Be sure your new surgeon is experienced in revision cases!

Revision Rhinoplasty at 5 Months

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   Alot of this would depend upon clinical exam and examination of your preoperative photos as well as how your nose progresses.  I would consider operating on a nose at 6 months if I had followed a patient for at least one month and was convinced that there had been no change.  Conventional wisdom is to wait for one year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

5 Months post op wanting surgery

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It would be high risk to have any major rhinoplasty surgery as the result from the surgery may be better but not as good as it could get by waiting 1 full year



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