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Hi, I am almost 7 months post-op closed male rhinoplasty and since the day I got my cast off I am very depressed. My whole face completeley changed. half of dorsal height was taken down from the bridge. Now I have a flat bridge. Also the tip cartilages have been removed aggresively resulting in I think scarred nostrils. Also I think I have an inverted V. I got noticeable dents on my sidewalls. Can I get some info about my nose and possible treatments(grafts needed?) Thank you for your time.

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Dear from Holland,

  • You can use cartilage grafting to rebuild the dorsum so that you can have the shape that you want, it just has to be placed carefully
  • For the inverted V, it is a matter of lifting the cartilagenous portion of the nose to meet the bony portion (with or without spreader grafts) - this can happen after reduction of the nasal bridge and the cartilages fall off to the sides causing the upside down V
  • Some cartilage grafts can be placed to fix the nostrils as well which would bring them down so you see less of the inside of the nose

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani


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