Had Revision Rhinoplasty . Grafts Became Dettached.

The doctor was suppose to re-attach a graft from my nose to the bone so I could breathe better. After a few months it became dettached on the left side. Then 6 1/2 months later the right side became dettached. But is that normal to happen that long after surgery? Now my nose shifts side to side and I can barely breathe. I can see it and I feel it is not connected to the bone. It hurts when I lean to the side. Has this ever happened to any of your patients before and can you help me?

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Detached grafts

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It is not clear whether you are asking about alar batten grafts placed over the bone or spreader grafts - either way it not possible to evaluate you without examination or at least high quality photos

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Detached graft

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Hey Stormy - so you write of a graft that is detached and moving - is the graft on the bridge of the nose or more towards the lower part of the nose?  Is the graft natural tissue or is it plastic based? I would agree with Dr. Fleming that if the graft is called a spreader graft, that these grafts don't generally shift or change unless there is trauma after the fact  - usually these grafts are also not visible to the naked eye. 

A graft that sits under the skin on top of the bone however is visible and while mostly serving a cosmetic purpose can contribute to nasal obstruction if not positioned correctly.  These grafts can be mobile to a degree and generally will cause no trouble other than feeling a bit strange when it moves.  If your graft is painful it would suggest something else may be at issue - seeking a second or third opinion is probably necessary. 

SIncerely, Paul Kelly, MD

Paul E. Kelly, MD
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Detached grafts rhinoplasty

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It's rather unusual for grafts to detach 6 months after surgery.  It would be interesting to see a picture of you nose.  I would recommend you go back to you surgeon to discuss  and consider a second opinion.
Dr Gartner

Mobile Graft after Revision Rhinoplasty

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In 35 years of revision rhinoplasty, I'v e never seen a spreader graft (the graft that you describe) move 6-7 months after surgery unless there was significant trauma. However, this is a possible complication. I suggest you consult with your surgeon or get a second opinion regarding surgery to reposition and secure the grafts. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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