​Any doctors recommendation for Revision Rhinoplasty for hanging columella, inverted-v deformity, & nostril reduction?

I have been researching several NYC Revision 'specialists.' Is there anyone that you would suggest for a hanging columella, inverted-v deformity and nostril reduction? I haven't consulted with anyone yet and would like to limit my list to no more than 3. I hear Pastorek, Rizk, Aston, Pearlman, Constanides and Le in Baltimore?' Pastorek's age makes me nervous (LOL) and I am not sure of payment options at the above aforementioned surgeon's offices. Is there anyone else you would suggest?

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Revision rhinoplasty doctors

Dear ineedanewlookinnyc,

  • Try the Glasgold Group in New Jersey, they are very close to the New Brunswick train station
  • Dr. Robert Glasgold is an expert in revision rhinoplasty and would be worth the consult

Nima Shemirani

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