Revision Rhinoplasty - Best Doctor Choice?

6 years ago i had a rhinoplasty and trubinectomy (spelling?) long story short my nose is severely screwed up still. I can’t breath, i get about as much air as a coffee straw, my lateral walls are collapsed. Internally there is some excessive reconstruction that needs to be done. I have been recommended to Dr. Gunter in Dallas, TX and Dr. Becker in Pennsylvania. I was hoping to get some feedback. I live in FL, i’m ok with traveling for a good doctor, I can’t live daily anymore not breathing

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Surgeon in Florida

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Dr. Richard Davis in Miami is a very good revision rhinoplasty surgeon and is located in your state - although still not an easy driving distance

Revision Rhinoplasty Choices

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Those are good choices. Daniel Becker in California. Dean Toriumi in Chicago are other choices.  But with that said, no one is perfect. I have been to see the best and all of the bigger named surgeons have their own issues. The best thing to do is to really look at the results and assess their dedication to helping you. good luck!

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revision rhinoplasty

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There are a number of excellent revision rhinoplasty experts throughput the country. I would suggest finding someone within 2 hours of driving distance. Or, if you will travel, plan to spend at least 10 days in the city of your chosen surgeon . I would suggest choosing a surgeon of over 50 years of age who has a reputation for revision rhinoplasty and can show you results of cases similar to you. See at least 2 surgeons before commiting yourself. If you want specific names, contact a rhinoplasty surgeon you know and ask who he/ she would recommend other than himself/ herself.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Best revision rhinoplasty surgeon

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There are many excellent revision rhinoplasty surgeons that you could choose to consult with regarding your surgical options. Beside the surgery itself you would want to make sure that you can maintain regular post-operative follow-up during the healing process. Minor issues can be addressed in the office with injections of medications or nasal exercises if need be.

The key is that you trust the surgeon, like their revision rhinoplasty before and after results, and see that the surgeon is dedicated to giving you the best result possible.

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